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A life on the outside (book in greek)

A life on the outside (book in greek)
A life on the outside (book in greek)


Sylvain Tesson was born in 1972. He is a traveler and writer, a member of the Society of French Explorers and became known with the remarkable travel narrative The Ax of the Wolf: From Siberia to India in the Footsteps of Gulag Escapees. A life outside is his first collection of short stories. Inspired by his numerous travels, reports and documentaries, she outlines the bad texts of hyper-development in various regions of the world. 

Misery takes various forms in Sylvain Tesson's stories, but the common denominator is man's alienation from nature. The 15 short stories that make up the collection are: The Asphalt, The Pigs, The Statuette, The Bug, The Lake, The Daughter, The Wreck, The Fortune, The Glen, The Man, The Island, The Fir, The Letter, The Cove and The Lighthouse.

Language Greek
Publication date 12/2023
Pages 240
Author Σιλβέν Τεσόν
  • ISBN: 978-618-5823-04-7
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