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Karpathos is the new climbing paradise Karpathos is one of the most beautiful islands of Dodecanese. It is mostly famous for the exotic beaches and the crystal water waiting for windsurfers, but I'm sure that in the near future will be known mainly for its beautiful rocks waiting for climbers. Th..
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Kretische Küche / 200 Rezepte aus Mutters Kretische Küche / 200 Rezepte aus Mutters
2-3 Days
Die Geheimnisse der kretischen Küche wurden über Jahrhunderte unverändert von Mund zu Mund, von den Müttern an ihre Töchter weitergegeben. Die Rezepte, bei deren Zubereitung unverfälschte kretische Produkte wie Olivenöl, Wildgemüse, frische Molkereiprodukte, Fleisch, Fisch und Getreide verwendet wer..
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Little Mediterranean (book in Greek)
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Each of us, in order to be able to feel some of the meanings and miracles that they can reveal to us, must stand, kneel, be patient, be silent, listen, read. Hatzirvasanis's gaze helps us to do this. It shows us from what perspective we should perceive the natural phenomena and creatures that we see..
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Angelos Kouros' Memorable Verses (Έμμετροι Στίχοι) are a selection of lyrics for songs, a lyricism of short stories or long similes, sometimes with a lyrical and sometimes with a carefree mood. Songs on the theme of the anticipation or escape of love, as well as from life in the days and nights of t..
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I'll talk to you through my photos... about my «journey» forty years now... from the day I got a very good camera and started seeing reality -if there is an objective one- through my own eyes. This perspective is reflected in this book... my «journey» continues and will be continued so until the en..
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A special hiking guide of Naxos Island and Lesser Cyclades which includes 36 suggested hiking routes in Naxos, Schoinousa, Iraklia, Koufonisi and Donousa. Also, it includes detailed maps for the routes and photographs of the hikes. AVAILABLE IN GERMAN, ENGLISH AND FRENCH..
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Olympus is a mountain that always used to challenge people. Its peaks hidden in the clouds and pounded by fierce storms; this is the place where Zeus lived ruling all gods and humans. At a lower level, its sunny wooded slopes are softened by the sea; this is where people live for thousands of years..
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Orchids - Crete & Dodekanese Orchids - Crete & Dodekanese
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They may not be the size of their tropical relatives but they have no reason to envy the latter in form, colour and...guile. This 240-page book presents the wonderful world of the orchid species of Crete and the Dodecanese in its entirety, i.e. 70 species and 23 sub-species, while a further 5 specie..
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Samaria - The gorge and the White Mountains Samaria - The gorge and the White Mountains
2-3 Days
The huge limestone massif of the White Mountains towers over western Crete and is characterized by its bare peaks, plateaus and gorges. The latter, of which there are more than ten, cut through the mountain chain from north to south; the most important is the Samaria Gorge which, like a gigantic wou..
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The huge limestone massif of the White Mountains dominates the west of Crete. It is characterized by its bare peaks, its plateaus and gorges. More than ten gorges cut through the mountain from north to south. The best known of them, the Samaria, which cuts through the mountain like a giant ax, is co..
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Serenity follows the journey of a group of Greek refugees who were displaced from their homeland in Asia Minor and settled in the summer of 1923 in a desolate corner of the coast, near Athens. Told in the author’s characteristic sparse, lyrical style and inspired by his own experience of migration, ..
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Για διάφορους λόγους το σκι, όπως και οι άλλες δραστηριότητες που συνδέονται με τον κόσμο των σπορ, δεν έχει απασχολήσει σοβαρά τους ιστορικούς διεθνώς και πολύ περισσότερο στη χώρα μας. Γι' αυτό δεν είναι περίεργο ότι το σκι παραμένει άγνωστο όσον αφορά την ιστορία του και την τεχνική εξέλιξη. Εξ ά..
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