Anavasi in collaboration with the Municipality of Kimolos made an original mapping of the settlement of the Village.

The main village of Kimolos, Chora, has developed around a medieval castle and the settlement has a labyrinthine network of paths which in fact diverge radially, with the result that visitors often lose their way.

So we designed a map based on a topographic plan by the Engeneering Metsovio University a few years ago, and placed all the important buildings and landmarks of the settlement, castle, churches, municipality, museums, pharmacy, doctor's office, school, ELTA, playground, bakeries and more. Nine such signs were placed at the entrances and in central parts of the settlement.

There are five main routes starting from the entrances of the settlement and converging towards the nucleus of the settlement the square of Kampos. The routes were marked on the paved road with small turtles, facing the square of Kampos, painted in 5 different colors.