We made a small calendar for 2021 of small islands of Greece. Because this year has felt like we are all small lonely islands dissipated in an archipelago.

12 small islands for 12 months

Fragments and mountain peaks of the submerged Aegeis, islands are the most distinctive feature of the geography of Greece. The Greek territory includes about 6,000 islands, islets and rocky islets scattered in the seas, of which more than 200 are permanently inhabited.

Some of the oldest European civilizations developed in the Greek islands. Settlements have been organized since the 5th millennium BC and unique archaeological sites are preserved. Even very small islands have been inhabited over time and have developed a distinct architectural heritage and special traditions of a diverse culture.

This year’s calendar presents some of the small inhabited islands of Greece, you can easily explore on foot.

Despite their small area they have very varied landscape and they are all different and unique.

Anafi – Donousa & Schinousa - Arkioi & Lipsi – Kimolos – Dilos & Rinia – Koufonisia- Symi – Kastelorizo (Megisti) – Gavdos – Chalki – Fournoi - Antikythira