A sign with Anavasi Map for Via Ferrata in Tinos Island

As a sponsorship of ANAVASIS in Tinos Outdoor Activities that created the Via Ferrata, the above Dibond sign was posted. It covers this hiking route, which is the longest of the Cyclades. It is an easy circular route around Exomvourgo, 1 km long. The route offers an unforgettable hiking experience for the visitor as it encounters steep slopes, ravines and small passages. Throughout this route the visitor can enjoy the magnificent view that spreads around him. The sign from ANAVASI aims to inform both about the sports part and about the history of the island.


Exombourgo is a castle of Central Tinos with a great history. In ancient times, the area was the administrative center of the island, while the castle was one of the strongest in the Cyclades. At the foot of the hill you will find the monastery of the Sacred Heart Monastery which belonged to the Jesuits.