Signs with maps for activities in the Municipality of Konitsa, in Epirus

The Municipality of Konitsa placed 5 signs with maps depicting the area of ​​Konitsa and all the activities that one can do. Konitsa is considered the city of kayaking and offers the opportunity all year round to enjoy this sport but also rafting, mountaineering, paragliding, hiking, mountain biking. Hikers will enjoy the climb and adventure in the mountains of Smolikas, Grammos, Tymfi and will indulge in winter sports at the ski resort of Vasilitsa. They will enjoy the mythical Drakolimnes, the course in the Gorge of Voidomatis, in the core of the Vikos-Aoos National Park and the course in the Gorge of Aoos.

The signs display a general map and the areas of activities are pinpointed.