The Pindus Way is a long distance trail which crosses the entire mountain range of Pindos. The Pindus Way is referred to Cicerone hiking guide about Trekking in Greece. This long distance trail is considered one of the most demanding trails in Greece as it crosses some of the highest mountains of Greek Mainland. The trail starts from Amfissa town in Central Greece and it ends up in Gramos Mountain Range (Greek – Albanian Borders). Therefore, the trail is divided into 4 sections:

Section 1: Amfissa – Karpenisi 

Section 2: Karpenisi – Mesochora

Section 3: Mesochora – Metsovo 

Sections 4: Metsovo – Gramos (Borders)

Here you will find all the Anavasi suggested products about the crossing of Pindus Way.

Section 1: Amfissa – Karpenisi

Those two products are suggested for the crossing of section 1. The maps of Nafpaktia and Giona / Vardousia cover in detail this area by containing all the road network and some suggested hiking routes.

Sections 2 & 3: Karpenisi – Mesochora – Metsovo

These are the maps that you will need for the crossing of sections 2 & 3 from Karpenisi to Metsovo. Those maps cover in detail the mountains of Tzoumerka, Karkaditsa, Koziakas, Lakmos (Peristeri), and Agrafa at scale 1:50.000. Suggested hiking routes are also included inside the maps.

Section 4: Metsovo – Grammos 

Those maps are ideal for the crossing of last section of Pindus Way. The maps of Gramos and Zagori cover the mountains of Zagori, Valia Kalnta, Voio, Tymfi and Smolikas in detail.