Landscape photography is the art of capturing pictures of nature and the outdoors in a way that allow a new perspective and understanding to be expressed. It must also bring the viewer into the scene, immerse and familiarise him with the pictures of a world with no depicted humans, allow him to make sense abstract forms. Landscape photography introduces a scale where man is not the meter, unlike the maps it’s not about bringing the immensity of a mountain to a relation of 1 to 50 000. It’s about admiring the untangible 50 000 part of the 1:50 000 of the relation in its immensity.

Whether capturing mountain majesties or the traces of the wind formations on snow,  the landscape shows a world that is immensely larger, more interconnected, more amazing than anything any human society will ever make.



Anavasi has a large achive of pictures of the mountains of Greece, related to hiking and trekking but also lanscapes in Greece. Greek islands and sea element have also a place among our collection.

Published work:

-Cyclades, as the seagull flies (hard cover)

-Paros - Antiparos: as the seagull flies (Hard cover version)

-Cephalonia - Ithaca: as the seagull flies

-Lefkada: as the seagull flies

-Mani: as the seagull flies

-Naxos: as the seagull flies

-Olympus - 100 years - aerial photobook

-Parnassos - Giona - Vardousia

-Patmos, as the seagull flies

-Messinia, Time, People and History