Starting from the historic Monastery of Longovarda, the hiker walks uphill to the neck of the mountain Korakas. Then the path - in places paved – crosses forest area with dense local vegetation of snakes and heads N-SE to the wide field with the scattered settlement of Marathi. After crossing the provincial road Parikias - Lefkon, the route reaches site of the Ancient Marble Quarries. The galleries where the exceptional was mined marble slide, the stone lamp, are accessible from two entrances (cave of the Nymphs and the cave of Panos). The procession continues passing through the picturesque chapels of Agia Kyriaki and Beyond Panagia, since previously a small branch leads to their monastery Saints Minas, Victor and Vincent (16th century). Then the hiker ascends in an easterly direction when on a trail and when on
rural road, encountering in its path cereal crops and vineyards. It reaches the area of ​​Pigados, where there is an old settlement with traditional farmhouses
and with a well of the same name. From there the path descends to Lefkes. Approaching the Byzantine bridge, the route in its last part coincides with
route no. 1 Prodromos - Lefkes - Marathi - Parikia before ending in Lefkes.