Parnassos is one of the three great Roumelio mountains of Central Greece. The mountain of light, myth and mysteries that hosted on its slopes the most important religious-political center of antiquity, Delphi.

It consists the second National Park after Mountain Olympus from 1938. Its proximity to the capital and the variety of activities it offers make it particularly popular. The mountain is also famous for the ski Center. There, you will find the largest ski centers of Greece such as Fterolaka and Kelaria. Arachova, Agoriani and Delphi are the most significant tourist villages with many hotels and chalets.

However far one looks back into the past, Parnassos has always been one of the most emblematic mountains of Greece.
The oracle of Delphi, the remains of the fortified complexes of Lilaia and Tithorea, the inn of Gravia, the cave of Androutsos, are some of the traces of the important history of this place.

​The mountain owes its name to the mythical hero Parnassos, son of Poseidon and the nymph Cleodora. The highest peak is Liakoura with an altitude of 2,457 meters.