This hiking map differs from the map of Naxos & Small Cyclades. It is not an updated version that came to replace the previous one. Another map will be released only for the Small Cyclades.

 The map includes the network of trails of historical and cultural interest of the administrative region of the South Aegean. Specifically includes the main and the secondary trails and trails with no waymarkers too.

 Another big change is the creation of a map for the Tragaia area on the reverse side at 1:10.000 scale. Tragaia is a fertile plateau in the heart of  Naxos. Totally 18 hiking routes are included as well as the Naxos Strada, which is shown in a different color compared to the others. These are hiking routes of historical and cultural interest that cross castles, archaeological sites as well as significant churches. The first 8 concern the area of ​ Tragaia.

 Enjoy the unique landscape of Naxos and Koufonisia through the aerial photographs of the book "Naxos" in the series "As the seagull flies" by ANAVASI editions (120 pp. 24x22 cm).