Faithfully following its work in the creation of hiking maps, Anavasi proceeded to create a hiking map in collaboration with the Municipality of South Kynouria.

This project was achieved alongside the installation of 11 signs to highlight an important network of ancient footpaths, an element of our cultural heritage.

The map is part of the renewed hiking map of Parnon, released in a new edition in 2022. The map of the municipality is released at a scale of 1:30,000 and contains 15 recommended hiking routes. 4 cross the area of ​​Tyros, 3 in the area of ​​Kosmas, 4 around Poulithra and the rest in Leonidio.

The northern part of the Map

The routes indicated on the map are as follows:

Routes around Tyros

Coastal Path: Pera Tigani – Zaritsi (7km, +/-100m, 2.25', moderate difficulty)

Hike to Ano Tyros (8.5km, +/-500m/-350m, 3.00', moderate difficulty)

The coverpage

Agios Nikolaos – Sapunakaika (6km, +/-400m, 2.15', moderate difficulty)

Windmills – Ancient Walls & Sapunakaiika (4.9km, +/-340m, 2.30', moderate difficulty)

Routes around Leonidio

 Leonidio Round (4.6km, +/-50m, 1.30', easy)

Leonidio – Windmills (1.6km, +/-130m, 1.00', easy)

Leonidio – Lakes – Agios Georgios (10.5km, +400m/-75m, 3.30', moderate difficulty)

The Path of the Pines (3.5km, +/-200m, 1.30', moderate difficulty)

Routes around Kosmas

Kosmas – Vasileisi – Kosmas (7.5km, +500m/-400m, 3.20', difficult)

Elonas Monastery – Agios Dimitrios (7km, +400m, 3.00', moderate difficulty)

Kosmas – Agios Georgios (7.5km, +/-520m, 2.55', moderate difficulty)

Routes around Poulithra.

Poulithra – Polichni (2.7km, +/-140m, 55', easy)

Poulithra – "Manna" Cave (0.5km, +50m, 15', easy)

Poulithra – Ai Giorgis (3.2km, +/-10m, 1.00' easy)

Poulithra – Pyrgoudi (Tsoumos) (2.9km, +460m, 2.00', easy)

The map is also available for free on Anavasi Mapp