Hiking in Epirus

Epirus is probably the best destination in Greece for those who love wild natural beauty. Countless mountains, dense forests and picturesque villages compose a unique landscape, ideal for exploration.

In the Zagori region, visit the picturesque Zagorochoria and walk the traditional cobbled paths also known as “skales”. Cross the beautiful gorge of Vikos, and discover its unique geological features. Hike on the green slopes of Tymfi and by the famous Dragon Lake.

Smolikas is the second highest mountain of Greece, cross the mountain from east to west from Samarina to Kleftis peak, and from Kerasovo in the north to Pades in the south to discover its contrasting landscapes. 

Mount Grammos is the mountain on the border between Greece and Albania, and it combines recent history and the serene landscapes of a rarely visited mountain. Start your hike from Aetomilitsa on the paths cleared by the local cultural association and reach the peaks. 

Stroll through the dense forest of Valia Calda and discover the wildlife of the area.

If you are adventurous, try the crossing of Tzoumerka, from the settlement Melisourgoi to Kataraktes

Whatever area and route of the Epirus region you choose, one thing is for sure: it will enchant you and you will want to come back again soon.