1. The Panta Vrexei Gorge is located between the villages of Roska and Doliana (or otherwise Stournara). The most impressive is the beautiful waterfalls with cold water, which flow from the slopes of Kaliakouda and join the waters of the river Krikeliotis. To get to Panta Vrexei you have to go river trekking.

2. The Viniani Bridge is located between the villages of Old Viniani, Nea Viniani and the village of Stenoma. This stone bridge was the only place where one could cross the Megdova. From here passes the cross-border European path E4, but the bridge is an attraction also for its architecture and the beauty of its location.

3. Timfrystos or Velouchi with an altitude of 2,315 meters is the highest mountain in Evritania, with easy hiking to the top. There is a ski center in Diavolotopos.

4. Lake Kremaston, the lake with its turquoise waters, fjords and numerous small islands, in addition to its beaches, hosts infrastructure for canoeing, kayaking and rafting.

5. The bridge of Manolis is a work of the 17th century and specifically of 1659 as stated in the inscription of "EXTENDED IN 1659, THE BUILDINGS DIMITRIOS AND MANOLIS". It is a stone single-arched bridge about 30 meters in diameter, a real masterpiece of folk architecture. With the construction of the Kremasta dam and the creation of the homonymous artificial lake, the bridge of Manolis when it disappears and when it appears depending on the water level.

6. The impressive gorge of Mavri Spilia is close to the village of Prouso. It is named after the famous Black Cave which was a refuge for the locals. The route via ferrata starts from Mavri Spilias.