gramos korifogrammi





Gramos (or Grammos), is the name of the large mountain group located on the north-northwest side of the regional unit of Ioannina and on the west side of Kastoria, on the border with Albania, and is part of the mountain range of North Pindos.

Gramos has natural but also historical interest, as many important battles of the civil war took place on their slopes. The mountain has dense beech and black pine forests and part of the forest has been is a protected natural monument.

The mountain is bare and looks dry but the spring of river Aliakmonas are found in Gramos, and also several lakes. To the north of the highest peak of the mountain (Tsοuka Petsik), at an altitude of 2,350 meters and right on the Greek-Albanian border, dominates the alpine lake Gistova. Also, in the Arenes area, in a dense beech forest, at the root of the peak Epano Arena (2,196 m.). These are two lakes that communicate with each other with a stream 60 meters long. The west lake is located next to the slopes that go up to the peak and is quite shallow. The east, is the main lake and is known as Lake Moutsalia. It receives the waters of the western lake through a stream. 

The flora and fauna of Gramos. Except the mammals of the area (foxes, wolves, deer, wild cats, otters, wild boars, badger ferrets), many birds are found on Gramos: Golden eagles, sfikiaroi and hawks are a few of the winged inhabitants of the mountain.