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09 Jun Lesser Cyclades: Hiking and Touring in the secret paradise of Cyclades
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The Small Cyclades are a cluster of islands between Naxos and Amorgos. Administratively they belong to the South Aegean Region in the Naxos Regional U..
17 Mar Kea / Tzia: Hiking from Ioulida to Otzias Bay
anavasi 0 1275
  Ioulida - Leon - Benjamin - Dosonari - Diaselli - Otzias 5.2km It is an interesting 5.2 km route that crosses points of the highest historical imp..
02 Mar Walking in Hydra
anavasi 0 1950
Hydra is a special island with mountainous and rocky terrain. The soil of the island is quite dry, while it is deprived of spring water. Agriculture a..
28 Feb Aegina: 9 Hiking Routes
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Just a few miles away from Piraeus is Aegina, a place full of beauty and interesting history. It has been a great naval and trading power since prehis..
01 Feb Giona: 5 Suggested Hiking Routes
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Giona, known in ancient times as Aselinon Oros, is the highest mountain in Central Greece, with its summit, the Pyramida, reaching 2,510 meters. It i..
18 Nov Hymettus: Hiking near Athens
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Ymittos is one of the three mountains that surround Athens. The origin of the word “Hymettus'' is ancient-greek, such as many other place names of Att..
16 Nov App - Digital Guide for Spetses
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As a continuation of the activity developed in the framework of the "Culture Paths" program of the Hellenic Society for Environment and Culture, creat..
15 Nov Hikes in Mainalo
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Hikes in Menalo (or Mainalo): 1. Stemnitsa - Dimitsana, 12.5km, Elevation: -600m / + 500m, 5 hours, marks: red The first part of the route begins at..
04 Nov Vardousia: Hiking on the Southern Ridge
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The Southern Ridge of Vardousia crosses the entire southern side of Vardousia. It starts from the highest peak, Korakas (2,495 meters) and gradually f..
25 Oct Hiking in North Pelion
anavasi 0 741
Pelion is famous for its green landscapes, picturesque villages and beautiful coasts. At the same time, it is also a hiking paradise with kilometers o..
25 Oct Hiking in Southern Pelion
anavasi 0 820
South Pelion is famous for its beautiful beaches, picturesque villages and green landscapes. However, another reason why one should visit Pelion is th..
16 Oct Agrafa, A Sea of mountains
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Agrafa is a sea of ​​rugged and inhospitable mountains that captivate the viewer and move the climber. Agrafa spreads on the borders of the prefecture..
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