A map for Orini Nafpaktia by «Anavasi editions»

To start at the beginning, "Anavasi" (ascent) editions started  21 yeas ago when this editor started making maps for the Greek mountains. With a central focus on mountaineering, following new or old paths, with passion and determination, their work captures the beauty of nature and landscapes, and promote a alternative lifestyle closer to the mountains and nature.
The area of ​​Nafpaktia has its own honorable place in "Anavasi editions" map range , and it they published in 2019 the map"Orini Nafpaktia-Panetoliko-Velouchi-Kaliakouda". On the one side of the map there are the mountains of Evritania with Velouchi, Helidona, Kaliakouda and Panaitoliko, while on the other the mountains of ​​Orini Nafpaktia, with the peaks of Anninos, Tsekoura, Ardinis and Tsakalaki. On the suggested routes the reader will find ascents to the peaks but also beautiful hikes from village to village or to a bridge, a waterfall, possibly a forgotten monastery.
"Endless pine forests and mountainous regions unravel in the landscape and nestled in their midst are settlements that used to survive cut from the rest of the world. Kravara was in the past a semi-autonomous mountain region. A country in a country, inaccessible and impassable", this is what the people who made the map told us.They added: the visitor will be thrilled of the number of outdoor option in the region, for either hiking or biking. And they continue: "Above the successive waves of the hills and low peaks, there is no impressive mountain range, the horizon does not open to the sea or a hospitable plain. But you never know what the relief holds for you, which mountain or lake follows. And as a visitor, you have to accept that you will never know this place well. "
The map of the area of ​​Nafpaktia, for those who are interested in obtaining it, is available at the Anavasi bookstore in Athens, at 32 Voulis, and at all major bookstores in the capital, as well as at selected points of sale in the city of Nafpaktos. And good luck with your ..."Anavasi" (anavasi means ascent in Greek)!

Article in Greek by Empros News