Hiking trails

1. Halaris - Nas

A marked route with many branches and alternatives in the gorge of river Chalari, a natural reserve of great importance with dense and varied vegetation. The most popular route starts from the settlement Christos. An alternative starts from the dam, and there is a canyoning route in the gorge.

2. Dam Raches - Waterfall "Ryaka" (and lake Selini)

Marked path starting from the artificial lake and dam Raches area to

waterfall 'Ryaka' and small lake - natural rock pool 'Selini'. Only experts in canyoning

can undertake the descent of the steep canyon creek to the rough side of Southwest Ikaria

the road Karkinagri - Manganitis.

3. Forest Ranti

In the ancient and proclaimed monument of nature oak forest of Ranti one can find many different walking routes. The main circular route starts from Agios Dimitrios to the main road and back, an alternative is the descent towards Magganitis, or the junction towards Kosoikia, or to keep walking on the ridge of mount Melissa until the plateaus Zizοkampos and Ammoudia.

4. The monasteries of Raches

The monasteries of the area of Raches, Monastery Mounte and Monastery Theoktisti, are connected by

network of dirt roads and paths. From the village of Campos to the region Keros

it is an easy walk to the monastery Theoktisti. A longer walk through footpaths 

leads to Lapsachades and then through the verdant river canyon Myrsona, to Gialiskari.

5. South side of Punda: Vaoni - Ag. Dimitrios

This route can be made either from high to low or the opposite. Almost

entirely on footpaths, the route passes through the small villages Tsapatato and Vardarades, then crosses the

foothills of Punta Atheras and offers spectacular views of the Aegean Sea. Ends (or begins)

at the church of Ag. Demetrios on the asphalt road from Messaria to Daphne - Evdilos.

6. Melissa: Erifi - Agios Isidoros - Karkinagri

Agios Isidoros is a small church with a wonderful courtyard and a fountain with no water.

 Built exactly on the top of the cliffs on the south side of the ridge of mount Melissa, it overlooks

the panorama of the southwest coasts of Ikaria with Karkinagri towering and views of the Aegean Sea.

The main road from Raches to Pezi is passable even with a compact car, but to access the church, walking is necessary.

Take the difficult footpath for a steep and impressive descent into Karkinagri.

But take the procaution to arrange transportation for your return as Karkinagri is the

most remote and isolated part of Ikaria.

7. Arethusa - Ridge Atheras (Prophet. Ilias, Dokimi)

A short but demanding mountaineering marked route from the picturesque Arethusa

to Dokimi, just east of the peak prophet Ilias. Shortly after the

stone hedges right on the ridge, watch out for the impressive views throughout southern Ikaria,

Fourni and the Aegean Sea. Caution, powerful winds blow permanently.

8. Karavostamo - Ephanos peak (Ikaria's highest peak)

Clear and wide path starts from the asphalt east Karavostamo and traverses

steep slopes until the highest peak of Ikaria at 1037m. From here enjoy the

endless panoramas in all directions, but the most impressive is the length in optics

to the rest of Atheras ridge and the ridge of Melissa.

Touring, routes by car

Hot Spots


Hot springs in Agia Kyriaki inside the sea

Hot springs Lefkada inside the sea

Lighthouse at Cape Papas

Drakano, the church of Agios Georgios, the two beaches of Agios Georgios

Beach Iero and cave

Beach Seychelles

Nas Beach and Sanctuary of Artemis Tavropolou

Settlement of Akamatra


Armenistis Karkinagri

Agios Kirykos - Perdiki - Kioni

Agios Kirykos - Evdilos from Messaria

Agios Kirykos - Manganitis through Tunnel and beach Seychelles

Offroad plateaus Zizokampo - Ammoudia - Erifi