Hikes in Menalo (or Mainalo):

1. Stemnitsa - Dimitsana, 12.5km, Elevation: -600m / + 500m, 5 hours, marks: red

The first part of the route begins at the village of Stemnitsa, famous for its goldsmiths and seat of the First Peloponnesian Senate during the war of Independence in 1821. Many more routes and trails converge at Stemnitsa.

The path goes down to Prodromos Monastery offering spectacular views of the canyon. Pass under the rock where the monastery nests and reach the main path through the gorge. This path is in large part a cobblestone road leading to Dimitsana, pass the Old and the New Philosopher Monastery and Monoporis Bridge. The last part goes up to the Museum of Hydrokinisi passing through the watermills and famous gunpowder mills of the area. From here follow the asphalt road to Dimitsana Square.

Stemnitsa and Dimitsana have many catering and accommodation facilities.

2. Dimitsana - Zigovisti, 4.2km, Elevation: + 200m, 2 hours, Mark: Red

It is the smallest section of the Menalon Trail. The path goes up to the plateau and follows the road to the church of Agia Paraskevi. Here enjoy the view of the lush basin of Lousios with settlements of Dimitsana, Paliohori and Zatouna standing out. Then the trail goes up, following paths, dirt roads and at last nice cobbled pathways reaching Zigovisti.

Zigovisti offers catering facilities.

 3. Zygovisti - Elati, 16.8km, Elevation: + 420m / -350m, 6h, Red Mark to "Vlachika" & Yellow to "Elati"

This is the main core of the Menalon Trail and runs through the Western Main Line. It mainly moves in fir forest. The route starts from Zigovisti uphill, passes through the chapel of Agios Georgios and reaches the "Bilalis" square (junction of paths to Rados and Stemnitsa). It continues smoothly to the plateau "Pliovouni - Frangovouni" passing also from the source “Koskitsa”. The trail then goes down to “Vlachika Plateau” and takes the direction to Stemnitsa (Yellow Signs). From here follow the Yellow marks. The path after crossing the main road reaches "Eftakarvelou" where it crosses the path to Chrisovitsi (Blue Signs). We continue along the Chronaiiko Stream up to the sign that leading to Elati.

Elati has a catering and accommodation infrastructure.

 4. Fir Tree - Vitina, 8.5km, Elevation: -250m / + 150m, 2h45 ', Yellow Sign

The most beautiful part of the Menalon trail runs alongside Mylona River, sometimes on a cobbled path, sometimes on footpath. Halfway, the trail goes through "Ellinika” right below the acropolis of Methidri. Then briefly takes the road and continues to follow the old mule road to Vitina, by the river and under the tall plane trees and passing next to the ruins of three watermills. After crossing the Barba stream, it goes up a paved path and reaches Vitina Square.

Vitina is the main settlement of the region and offers all infrastructure and services.

5. Vitina - Nimfasia, 5.6km, Elevation: -310m / + 110m, 2 hours, Mark: Green

This part of the route is also short, at first, the asphalt road takes you to Palia Vitina. From here go down on the path passing the Mavra Litharia, a small but impressive canyon, and on reaching the stone bridge of Tzaravaina begins to ascend through bushy vegetation towards Nymfasia.

Nymfasia is a small village and can offer no catering or sleeping facilities.

6.Nimphasia - Magouliana, 8.9km, Elevation: -140m / + 500m, 3h30 ', Mark: Green

Take the dirt road and path to Kernitsa Bridge. From here go up to Kernitsa Monastery nestled on an impressive rock. Following a combination of trails and dirt roads reach Sfyrida hermitage with its fountain (nice stop spot). It continues up, passes by the Gavros fountain and ends at Magouliana.

Magοuliana is a small village with no catering or sleeping facilities.

7.Magouliana - Valtesiniko, 6.6km, Elevation: -220m / + 110m, 2h30 ', G Mark: Green

The path go down and passes by the old sanatorium and the church of Ag.Pantes . It follows the valley and runs along a small river to the Kaminia site. From here a good path goes uphill to Valtesiniko.

Valtesiniko has catering and sleeping facilities.

8. Valtesiniko - Lagadia, 13.9km, Elevation: + 500m / -700m, 5 Hours, Marks: Green

This is the second longest section of the Menalon Trail. It starts uphill towards Paliokastro, to the ruins of the castle of Valtesinikos and beautiful view. It descends to Agia Triada and continues through a fir forest with well maintained footpaths and passes by two springs reaches a shoulder and the asphalt road. Follow the dirt road to Elatakos and from there through meadows and groves with walnuts goes down to Lagadia after passing by the watermills of Rapi complex.

Lagadia offers all kinds of infrastructure and service.