Sponsorship of maps of the mountains of Attica to 1st EMAK (Greek Mountain Rescue Team)

Recognizing the work of EMAK (Greek Mountain Rescue Team) in combination with our love for the mountains and in the context of corporate social responsibility, we wanted on the occasion of the updated version of our map for Parnitha, to offer detailed maps of the mountains of Attica (Parnitha, Penteli, North Imitos, South Imitos, Kitheronas) printed and digital in the service of EMAK in order to facilitate its difficult and important work.

Our sponsorship includes: 1) our application Anavasi mapp with unlocked maps of the mountains of Attica for each of the active business members of EMAK, 2) printed maps for each of the official vehicles, 3) guidance for the correct installation of the application and the maps and training for its optimal use, by our partner Mountain Guide and Mountaineering Instructor Lazanas Nikos.

Our goal is to assist in the work of EMAK, and the mountains which gave us such relief during the pandemic to become safe
for all.