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My Zagori - Landscape and Hikes (book in Greek)

My Zagori - Landscape and Hikes (book in Greek)

My Zagori is not just a guide. It conveys the experiential experience of 40 years in the form of six short personal stories and 39 hiking routes. As a hiking route guide, it is aimed at everyone, mountaineers, experienced hikers and beginners who want to be introduced to hiking. Detailed descriptions, map and photographic material accompany each route.

The purpose of the guide is to highlight obvious and hidden beauties of Zagori landscape and to motivate visitors to get to know them by walking. But above all to be introduced to the values ​​of the place, like pilgrims to this sacred monument of nature and culture.

Because Zagori is a place with a geological heritage of outstanding global importance, a valuable ecosystem and refuge for many protected species of flora and fauna and one of the few places where the tangible and intangible cultural heritage still vividly tells the story, in short a unique place .

Publication date 2023
Pages 224
Author Penelopi Matsouka
  • ISBN: 978-960-9412-95-7
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Tags: zagori , pindos