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und.Athens | map for art activity in Athens

und.Athens | map for art activity in Athens

und. Athens was first published in April 2017, a moment that marked a turning point for the local art scene. The opening of documenta 14 has had a deep impact on the city's cultural dynamics and infrastructure, and its repercussions can still be felt today. In that sense, the 2017 edition of und. Athens was an extensive snapshot of the city's contemporary art landscape at the time just before documenta 14 kicked off, including alternative and self-organised spaces, artist-run studios, galleries, museums, curatorial platforms and many more.

A second edition was part of Spirou's original plan for und. Athens, with the intention to map contemporary art activity in the city before and after documenta 14. By comparing the two editions of the map, one can see how the landscape has shifted, which areas are becoming more active and how the volume of commercial galleries compares to the rise of private cultural foundations as key players in local cultural production and the constant blooming of the independent and alternative art scene.

The updated und. Athens map and directory shows an increase in the number of independent and artist-run spaces that opened in the city over the past year, rising to around sixty — a 50% increase compared to the forty listed in the first edition. Four more artist-run and alternative art spaces have opened in the city since press time; this could imply that artists and audiences are opting for alternative and non- commercial models for producing, exhibiting and experiencing art.

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