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Τα Ελληνικά Βουνά (3τόμο) (book in Greek)

Τα Ελληνικά Βουνά (3τόμο) (book in Greek)

3-volume encyclopedic work presenting all 861 mountains of Greece with an altitude of over 500 m.

It is a reference for anyone involved in hiking, or interest in the geography of Greece.

Every mountain is illustrated by a map by Anavasi editions in a scale of 1:100 000 approx.

Volume 1 is about the Geography and the natural environment of Greece.

Volume 2 is about the Greek islands and their mountains.
And volume 3 contains catalogs and indexes of all 1) Mountains, 2) Peaks, 3) Mountain settlements (with old and new names), 4) Higher settlements and facilities, 5) Monasteries at high altitude, 6) Ancient sanctuaries and monuments in mountains, 7) Forest villages, 8) Mountain shelters and hostels, 9) Ski resorts

From the preface of the edition:

"The Hellenic Mountaineering Federation (E.O.O.A.) is a sports federation that is supervised, controlled and subsidized by the General Secretariat of Sports and represents mountaineering activities in Greece and abroad ( climbing, mountain hiking, rock climbing, mountaineering, Himalayas), the sport of competitive climbing and the sport of mountain skiing, while as a secondary body it supervises 91 clubs (with over 17,000 members) scattered in 38 prefectures. Also, the Federation manages the Ath. Lefkaditis Foundation created in 1944 after the death of Athanasios Lefkaditis, founder of scouting in Greece and a great benefactor of mountaineering, who left his real estate to EOS. (today E.O.O.A.).
One of the purposes of the Federation, but also of the Legacy of Ath. Lefkaditis is making available all knowledge related to mountaineering, the sports it represents, mountains and nature in general. Thus, in the context of their purposes the Federation and the Lefkaditis Foundation, continuing their publishing activity in recent years, decided to publish the present three-volume work of Nikos Nezis, which was originally published as 1 book 30 years ago.
Knowing what the author is passionate about the continuous collection of data, the detailed research and documentation of what he writes, the time it took to write the book (6 years), the successful release of his previous books (13), the continuous for 40 years his involvement with mountaineering in the Greek mountains and finally his significant contribution and experience in mountaineering events (President of AOS for 2 years - General Secretary of the Federation for 11 years, etc.), we are sure that and the present massive work of Nikos Nezis will be a landmark in the mountaineering and geographical bibliography and will offer the right information in these fields. "


Publication date 2010
Pages 1st book 368 2nd book 496 3rd book 416 A total of 1280 pages
Author Nikos Nezis
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