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Patmos has an outstanding network of old footpaths, which used to connect the settlements, rural areas and pasture lands with one another and with the Holy Monastery of Saint John the Theologian. The footpaths would also connect the settlements with the monasteries, hermitages and “kathismas” (small..
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The aim of this small guide is to point out the beauty and unique qualities of the three mountains: Giona, Vardoussia and Parnassos. With photos and texts on the flora and fauna, details on routes that go through the villages and monuments and a wide range of trekking routes with maps and descriptio..
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(book in Greek only) Τα πολεμικά γεγονότα μιας δεκαετίας (μόνο), ιδίως το δράμα του Γράμμου στα 1949, αλλά και ο θρύλος της Πίνδου του 1940, είναι βαθειά ριζωμένα στη μνήμη, πολύ γνωστά. Εκείνα όμως που παραμένουν είναι τα ειρηνικά δρώμενα αιώνων των ανθρώπων τούτων των ιδίων τόπων του Γράμμου. Π..
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Angelos Kouros’ “I swear to you on the mountain, I have no holier oath” is a poetic narration of an exodus from the city to the mountains – a narration of a much-needed catharsis. Formed as a unified poem, it has all the elements that make poetry great: the specific, the tangible, the “deep” (in the..
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All around there are beaches with fine sand, white cliffs, the deep blue and magical wetlands with their beautiful winged visitors, the enigmatic channel with the fortifications, the Princes islands and Meganisi, the well formed bays. In the center there is a hinterland of lush plains and unique rur..
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The second edition of the Aerial photo album of Mani, in the series as the seagull flies, published by ANAVASI is not a simple reissue, but a fresh new book. The new book has more pages and many new photographs, especially of Messenian Mani. The new edition is enriched with texts explaining the part..
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For all of us who on the slopes and mountain peaks experienced contact with nature, overcame our inner fears and conquered high spiritual and aesthetic pleasures, this book is a wonderful gift. With the rich material and the narratives, which the author collected with a lot of effort, he brings us c..
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A short and practical book that summarizes basic knowledge of mountaineering and climbing by A. Asimakopoulos and G. Voutiropoulos. The basic knowledge of Mountaineering is comprehensively developed in ten chapters that discuss topics such as the mountain environment and its protection, special moun..
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A visual narrative of the amazing variety of Naxos landscape. The petrified melodies of the mountains and the landforms, the centuries long struggle written on terraces and stone-walls, marvelous valleys and plains decorated with byzantine churches, extensive sand beaches and unexpected alternations..
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We flew over 14,000 feet -much higher than the summit of Mt Olympus- at the heart of the winter. We saw the sunset that paints the cliffs of Stefani and Mytikas red. We got up in the air before dawn to see the sun rise from the sea. We circled the mountain to grasp all the colors in its autumn f..
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For a mountain climber, the view from the top is the prize at the end of a strenuous climb. This book takes the next step. It lays before the reader amazing vistas, provides the keys for a new understanding of geography and terrain, and a view of the incredible diversity and beauty of the mountains ..
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