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L'Instant et L'Eternité (book in French)

 L'Instant et L'Eternité (book in French)
L'Instant et L'Eternité (book in French)

L'Instant et L'Eternité is a beautiful trilingual art book (French, Greek and English) mixing photography and poetry. Geneviève Hofman wished to gather in this book the fruit of the work realized during the artistic residences that she lived in this country that she has been visiting for more than 30 years, Greece.

In June 1980 Geneviève Hofman decided to spend an entire summer in Greece. This was to be the first of a long series of stays, from Thessaloniki to Athens, from Epidaurus to Delphi, from the island of Milos to that of Folegandros, from Naxos to Patmos and many others, alone or totally isolated, as in the autumn of 1994 during her artist's residency of several weeks on the island of Thassos. Looking back on this uninterrupted journey, drawing on a large deposit of photographs taken during residencies or stays, she now wants to restore a little of all that Greece has brought her and is bringing her: "The pleasure of exchange ... but also that of bringing to life what is deepest in me ... to go towards a more intimate knowledge of myself. - Extract from the preface written by Cyris Kophides

Language Greek, English & French
Publication date 2023
Pages 160
Author Geneviève Hofman
  • ISBN: 9782909478647
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