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Peloponnes • Marco Polo Travel Guide (German)

Peloponnes • Marco Polo Travel Guide (German)

Where the Olympic Games began: with the Marco Polo travel guide explore the Peloponnese times by the sea, sometimes in the high mountains: on a trip across the Peloponnese you spend every day differently! In a small town or in a secluded mountain village, hiking or water sports, with a glass of wine in a tavern or in the ancient archaeological sites of Olympia: with your MARCO POLO travel guide Peloponnese you can put together exactly the Greece journey you want to do!

  • Discover what the locals love at the Peloponnese with the Marco Polo Insider tips
  • Explore the city and country with the Marco Polo experience tours and the free tour app.
  • Best of tips for rainy weather, small wallet or holidays with children.
  • Experience the whole spectrum of Greek cuisine with the Marco Polo restaurant tips
  • Travel smarter with completely revised maps and city plans

Iceland feeling in the lava desert: experience unforgettable moments with Marco Polo

Whether you are hiking in Méthana du the lava desert and picnic with a view of the Aegean Sea and islands or shopping souvenirs in the old town of Náfplio: with your MARCO POLO travel guide in your luggage, you won't miss any of the many highlights of the region.

Experience ancient history up close in the theatre of Epidauros or explore the bizarre world of the stalactite cave of Pírgos Diroú. Your Marco Polo travel guide Peloponnese is the perfect companion for all your adventures.

Language German
Publication date 2022
Pages 140
  • ISBN: 978-382-9720-32-8
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