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Hiking map of Syros island in a scale of 1:25.000 Syros in the Cyclades on light, a waterproof and tear-resistant, contoured and GPS compatible map at 1:20,000 from Anavasi for exploring the island on foot or by car. On the reverse is a street plan of Ermoupoli / Hermoupolis showing various facil..
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Hiking map of Thasos island in a scale of 1:36.000 Thasos island is gifted with natural resources and natural beauty. Forests, mineral wealth, marblesand more recently beaches attracted over time people with basic motive the exploitation of its natural wealth. The scars on the landscape are numer..
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Hiking map of Tinos island in a scale of 1:26.000 Tinos island landscape is like a hand made embroidery. Rural huts, dovecotes, churches, terraces and villages are woven into a net of trails. The new map of Tinos offers a guided tour to the island's man made countryside through a dozen of hiking ..
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Hiking map for Zagori, Valia Kalda and Metsovo in a scale of 1:40 000 Zagori - Metsovo - Valia Kalda 1:40 000 map comprises all recent outdoor activity in the area. More than 10 mountain professionals collaborated for its update. This map is really the necessary tool for anyone traveling in the a..
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Hiking map of Zakros and Vai  in a scale of 1:25.000 The new edition of the map Zakros-Vai which is now called Zakros-Vai-Sitia covers the entire eastern edge of Crete, from Sitia, Cape Sidero and Zakros, to Xerokampos and Goudouras to the south. An area unknown to many people that has unique geo..
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Hiking Map of Μount Ziria in scale 1:30 000. Mount Ziria (probably from the slavic word for dawn) or Kilini or Cyllene as it was called in Ancient times, is the second highest mountain in the Peloponnese at 2374 m. Despite its high altitude by Greek mountains standards, it has mild relief and ..
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Ancient Athens map on Canvas
2-3 Days
The map of Ancient Athens, showing on a background of the modern city, the ancient monuments in 3D painting, the walls of the ancient city and their evolution, the ancient rivers, Iridanos and Ilissos, and the ancient municipalities. The names are in English. Printed on canvas...
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Athos walking map
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A walking map to Mount Athos on the best available scale, 1:30 000 and reprinted in 2019...
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A box of 4 hiking maps for all the mountains around Athens: Parnitha, Imittos, Penteli and Kitheronas, Gerania & Pateras. This is also an invitation to discover all the things near us we ignore. An invitation to wander, to move slowly and to observe the world around us. Let us be captivated by th..
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Box with 4 maps and a hiking guide of Central Greece: Nafpaktos-Panaitoliko-Karpenisi (map), Giona-Vardousia (map), Giona-Vardousia-Parnassos (hiking guide), Parnassos (map), Dirfys-Xerovouni (map)       (function($) { $('head').append(''); })(jQuery);(fu..
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Box of 2 maps and 2 books about mountaineering ski in Greece: Parnassos (map), Olympus (map), Ski Touring with sea view (book), Mountaineering – Introduction to hiking and Climbing (book)     (function($) { $('head').append(''); })(jQuery);(function($) {$(funct..
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Box of 5 maps of all the north peloponnese mountains: Chelmos-Vouraikos, Kyllini (Ziria), Achaia, Mainalo (Artemisio-Lyrkeio-Farmakas-Ktenias), Erimanthos     (function($) { $('head').append(''); })(jQuery);(function($) {$(function() {$("#ad-gallery_cke_9mnw..
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