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Little Mediterranean (book in Greek)

Little Mediterranean (book in Greek)
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Little Mediterranean (book in Greek)

Each of us, in order to be able to feel some of the meanings and miracles that they can reveal to us, must stand, kneel, be patient, be silent, listen, read. Hatzirvasanis's gaze helps us to do this. It shows us from what perspective we should perceive the natural phenomena and creatures that we see around us and we usually take them as one-dimensional and data. But it also gives us the basic knowledge we need to understand what they mean, by what forces they were created, why they are so and so, how they are affected by man and what their role is in people's lives. In the end, it shows us how. " . . they circulate among us ", and within us I would say, how much everything concerns us. And it does so in a condensed, graceful but scientifically valid and up-to-date way.

Publication date 2005
Pages 152
Author Vasilis Chatzirvasanis
  • ISBN: 978-960-8868-304
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