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Kythnos • Hiking map 1:31.000

Kythnos • Hiking map 1:31.000

Hiking Map of Kythnos in scale 1:31.000

Kythnos, the second of the Western Cyclades islands, after Tzia, has 2 charming villages, Messaria and Dryopis, wonderful beaches and a rich network of paths. The map of Anavasi depicts the island accurately and in detail at a scale of 1:31,000 and depicts the network of hiking trails, the road network, beaches, museums and archaeological sites, churches, villages as well as many other points of interest for the visitor.

On the reverse side, you will find a small Hiking and Culture guide in 2 languages (Greek and English), by the archaeology professor Alexandros Mazarakis-Ainian and the excellent connoisseur of the island Adonis Kyrou, depicting, in addition to the known antiquities of the island, unknown ancient towers and mining sites.

Printed on waterproof polyart paper that does not tear 

Publication date 2024
Map reference code 10.44
Scale 1:31.000

Anavasi maps are all available in digital format (geo-referenced images), combining new technologies with high-quality cartography.
For smartphones we recommend Anavasi mapp. Within the application one purchases each map (corresponding to the printed one) separately. After the map is purchased and downloaded, the application works offline. The map is identical to the printed one and shows your location in the center of the screen. We can also choose one of the proposed routes to follow.

The digital maps available from our online store are geo-referenced map images in 3 different formats. All three are included in the compressed zip file.
1. Map image georeferenced in GGRS87, the Greek Geodetic Reference System (filename *87.tif), which can be used in GIS programs or other cartographic data management programs.
2. Map image georeferenced in WGS84, the global geodetic reference system (filename *84.tif), which can be used in GIS programs or cartographic data management programs.
3. Map image in Kmz format, which can be loaded on most new Garmin GPS models. Please check out the Garmin site to see if your GPS model supports "Custom Maps".
We  recommend to use the digital map always in combination with the paper map that gives us a complete overview of the area and is useful when planning our journey.

It is forbidden to copy and distribute the digital files. They can only be printed for non-commercial use.

  • ISBN: 978-960-9412-41-4
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