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The Fishes of Greece (Book in Greek)

The Fishes of Greece (Book in Greek)
The Fishes of Greece (Book in Greek)

It is a four-color edition in the form of a complete field guide that through more than 500 scientific illustrations of fish, presentation texts, identification keys, texts with oceanographic and ichthyological data and explanatory tables contributes to the clarification of the relatively unknown fish fauna of our seas. The book also presents a large collection of 2,300 common fish names, a priceless gem of the popular fishing culture of our country. 

A book aimed at both beginners and experienced divers, fishermen, naturalists, students, scientists, young explorers and those interested in studying and moved by the richness of the Greek seas.

Publication date 2023
Pages 623
Author David Koutsogiannopoulos Ioannis Kapakos
Sketches David Koutsogiannopoulos
  • ISBN: 9786188649200
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Tags: fish