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Inflatable Globe Animal Quest 42 cm
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With this game, you will go around the globe to indetify animals, learn a little more about them and collect 5 animal cards to win the quest. It is also a game of rapidity in which the player that found the animal on the globe must stick his CALYstick as fast as possible on it.CALY ANIMAL QUEST comb..
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With this shiny great quality globe, kids discover by themselves the 172 pictures of animals. They can recognize the animals, name them and associate them to their life area.  ..
Ex Tax:14.60€
A 50 cm in diameter colorful globe, original and unique with 270 beautiful animals from around the world...
Ex Tax:17.60€
This is a large version of the real geopolitical globe, original and unique with its pretty colours.It's 50 cm in diameter. Durable for the purpose of children play...
Ex Tax:17.60€
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