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With this shiny great quality globe, kids discover by themselves the 172 pictures of animals. They can recognize the animals, name them and associate them to their life area.  ..
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With this game, you will go around the globe to indetify animals, learn a little more about them and collect 5 animal cards to win the quest. It is also a game of rapidity in which the player that found the animal on the globe must stick his CALYstick as fast as possible on it.CALY ANIMAL QUEST comb..
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A 50 cm in diameter colourful globe, original and uniquewith 270 beautiful animals from around the world...
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This is a large version of the real geopolitical globe, original and unique with its pretty colours.It's 50 cm in diameter. Durable for the purpose of children play...
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This illumanited geographical globe is a design object with a minimal wooden base. Borders are clearly marked, the sea is in ochre yellow and the globe features historical information showing the routes famous explorers took. 30 cm Antique style globeNatural wooden baseIlluminate..
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An illumanited geographical globe with borders clearly marked, the sea in ochre yellow and historical information showing the routes famous explorers took. It is a beautiful object that will look nicely in every room, with its wooden base and metal arc. 30 cm Antique style globeWalnut coloured,..
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A faithful replica compass of 19th century sailors is included in the beautiful packaging...
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Nova Rico 25cm Circus Illuminated Children's Globe features different animals from around the world. It is a combination of fun and learning for children: political boundaries are shown but the waves are drawn by hand. The globe is in English...
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The antique style map match the historical dimension of the globe. Beside the up-to-date political map, find the sea routes followed by the travelers and their discoveries that mapped the world as we know it today. The elliptical base of the globe is impressive...
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Discover 200 of the best places to ride a bike in this beautifully illustrated paperback. From family-friendly, sightseeing urban rides to epic adventures off the beaten track. Destinations range from France and Italy, for the world's great bike races, to the wilds of Mongolia and Patagonia. These j..
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Epic Runs of the World
Put on your running shoes – it’s time to hit the road, the trails and the great outdoors.In this comprehensive runner’s companion, you’ll find 50 of the world’s greatest running routes – from short city runs and must-do marathons to cross-country trails and challenging ultras – plus a further 150 co..
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Globe in Greek, in antique colouring 25 cm diameter globe with a plastic base and arc.When lit, the globe shows the routes of explorers, in a background of modern political map. ..
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