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NEW EDITION 2017 Hiking Map of Thasos [7.1]Thasos island is gifted with natural resources and natural beauty. Forests, mineral wealth, marblesand more recently beaches attracted over time people with basic motive the exploita..
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Tinos island landscape is like a hand made embroidery. Rural huts, dovecotes, churches, terraces and villages are woven into a net of trails. In the first edition of the map, along with my partner Charles Merlin we had recorded several dozens of kilometers of footpaths. From then until the present e..
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Hiking Map of Zagori [3.1] - Tymfi - Astraka - Vikos GorgeZagori is renowned for its traditional villages (Zagorohoria) and stone monuments. It is mountains that dominate this landscape and every facet of local life. On the imposing massif of Timfi mountaineering routes were carved out long ago, whi..
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The new edition of the map Zakros-Vai which is now called Zakros-Vai-Sitia covers the entire eastern edge of Crete, from Sitia, Cape Sidero and Zakros, to Xerokampos and Goudouras to the south. An area unknown to many people that has unique geological and natural wealth: caves, gorges, rare rocks an..
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Hiking Map of Mt Ziria [8.31]Ziria is the second highest mountain of the Peloponnese. Despite its altitude, it has mild relief and fertile lands. Large plateaus and valleys compose the mountain scenery and below them lie the two large basins of Feneos and Stimfalia, with the homonymous lake.The new ..
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