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Cooperation Agreement - Affiliate

The proposed cooperation agreement sets out the terms and conditions between the company ANAVASI (P. Matsouka and Co. EE, Voulis 32, 10557 Athens, TIN 998108275, Tax Office A 'Athens ("Company") and the respective partner, ("Affiliate") as he, was registered in the On Line registration form.



(A) The activity of the "Company" is map publishing, cartographic services, book publishing, map signposts, tourist and travel services.

Owns and manages the website and

(B) The "Company" allows free links to all its partners, "Affiliates", and allows them

to facilitate sales in all the products and services, the company offers. Partners have access

to the program from anywhere, as long as they have internet access.

(C) The "Affiliate" agrees to use the program of the company provided to him, FREE OF CHARGE and to follow the rules set by the "Company".

In return, he will earn a commission on his sales.

(D) The "Affiliate" knows that the electronic submission of a cooperation application is an acceptance

of this Agreement and all his details are correct.


The company and the Affiliate agree that:


1. Obligations of the Affiliate

1.1 The Affiliate understands and agrees that this Agreement with the Company is not exclusive.

The Company reserves the right to enter into partnerships with one or

more Affiliates in the same geographical area.

1.2 The Affiliate agrees not to or fails to take any action that

may affect the Company's relationship with its Affiliates.

1.3 The Affiliate agrees and acknowledges that if any compliance is pending

or implementation of reasonable requests by the Company or in case where

Affiliate does not immediately accept the requests of the Company, the Company has the right

defer its obligations under this Agreement or immediately terminate this cooperation.

1.4 The Affiliate is under the obligation to ensure that its website or posts do not include or do not have a direct or indirect link to sites which:

  • have content of violence, racism, extremist or defamatory character
  • offer content from a pornographic, erotic, religious or politicalcharacter or
  • can be harmful in any way, to the Company or the customer, in the image or her reputation


2. Obligations of the "Company"

2.1 The program that the Company provides to the Affiliate, includes Tools: Links, promotion and sales control. The Company also provides the necessary technical and accounting support needed to achieve its goals and control its sales.

2.2 Affiliate has access to his account 24 hours a day with his unique codes.

2.3 The Company provides the Affiliate with advice, statistics, information, announcements and access to personalized help.


3. Terms, Reports and Payments

3.1 The Affiliate is entitled to a percentage for each sale he completes. It is a commission on sale and it is a percentage. It is always calculated on net worth of the product. VAT, shipping costs and bank commissions are deducted.

3.2 Payment of commissions is made on a semi-annual basis. The Company will pay all Commissions Payable every 06 and 12 months of the year.

3.3 There is no minimum amount of commission paid.

3.4 The Company will make the payment by bank deposit to the bank account or with cash from the Anavasi bookstore on Voulis 32 str , or in exchange of items from the Anavasi bookstore on Voulis 32 str.

3.5 The Affiliate is responsible for the taxes due to it in respect of its profits.

The Company does not pay additional compensation for Affiliate taxes.

If any withholding tax is required on the Affiliate, the Company will withhold tax from such payment and will pay this amount to the competent authorities in accordance with applicable laws.