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National Geographic's The Physical World map highlights the Earth's land and undersea forms with exquisite hand-painted relief. Drawn in the Winkel Tripel projection, distortions are minimized and unlike many other World maps, Greenland is show the same size as Argentina and not as the size of all o..
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National Geographic's striking satellite map of The World is a visually stunning image that makes a wonderful addition to the wall of any office or study. This detailed composite map draws from more than 500 satellite images to give one-kilometer detail and consistent representation of Earth's natur..
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Planisphere for 40° North latitude
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A Planisphere or ‘Star Wheel’ is the perfect way to learn how to recognise the stars and constellations. It consists of a star chart showing all stars and constellations that are visible from a certain area (latitude). However, stars rise and set and the Night Sky changes from season to season. Ther..
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The RayWorld map is a legible and precise geographical and political map. Along with the countries, cities, rivers, mountains, sea and oceans the map also features the meridians, parallels, winds written in Latin, ice zones as well as warm and cold fronts marked by seasons. There are also nautical f..
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Get saving with this lovely ceramic Money Box. With the signature retro map print, this terracotta item has the quote 'Saving to go places' on it. Perfect for those with a touch of wanderlust! ..
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Scratch World map editing by Maps International.  Scratch all visited destinations that reveals a map with a different colour for each country. Dimensions: 42 x 30 cm..
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With its bronze tones our Scratch the World® Black Edition map print is the perfect gift for the travel enthusiast. Scratch off your visited destinations to reveal the industrial styled, up-to-date map underneath. Displaying high quality cartography, this is the most detailed print you will find ..
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This is a brilliant concept scratch poster allowing visited destinations to be scratched off, revealing the beautifully styled up-to-date world map underneath. It's the perfect map or gift for the travel enthusiast allowing complete personalization of the map to display a unique travel story. Sim..
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SCRATCH World Map - Rex London
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Scratch off where you've been and keep track of your travels with this quirky scratch World Map. Size of map: 87x52cm Packaged in a World Map tube (l: 54cm, d: 5.5cm)..
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The popular entry level compass Silva Field has gone through a face-lift with updated colors and updated graphics. Silva Field is an entry level compass designed to meet the demands of schools, youth groups and leisure outdoor navigators. The Silva Field has base plate map-measuring in mm and sca..
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The ever so popular SILVA Ranger series has gone through a face-lift with updated colors and updated graphics. A completely new feature is the distance lanyard; a lanyard with scales (1:25, and 1:50) which facilitates to measure the distance of your hike. SILVA Ranger features DryFlex™ grip for e..
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Glow in the dark stars make a great decoration for walls and ceilings in children's bedrooms. This Space Age box contains 30 stars in assorted sizes, including sticky fixers. 10 x 8.3cm 10 x 4cm 10 x 3cm..
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