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Geography of Greece (book in Greek)

Geography of Greece (book in Greek)

What is Greece?
"Greece is not only Athens"?

An olive tree, a vine and a boat?

Greece is definitely NOT just the lists of prefectures and regions that we used to learn at school. That's why we completely ignored them in this book!

"Geography of Greece" introduces you to the country based on the types of landscapes you can find per altitude zone, so you never run out of ideas for excursions!

This book goes beyond the political geography and gives place to the mountains, the plains, the forests, the rivers and all the elements of nature found in the Greek area.

Because if you only learn counties and capitals and lists of altitudes and longitudes, it's like thinking you know someone just because they gave you and you looked at their tax return.

Sit down to drink a coffee, he will tell you how its geomorphological formations came about, how its islands in the Aegean were born, how its vegetation differs from its top to its foothills, what animals it hosts and what plants it smells like.

This book is the coffee you want to drink with Greece to get to know yourself anew, this time in terms of natural beauty!

Tell me, what do you do?

Language Greek
Publication date 2023
Sketches Natalia Mavrota
  • ISBN: 9786182205464
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