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Elikon • Hiking map 1:50.000

Elikon • Hiking map 1:50.000

Hiking map of Elikonas in a scale of 1:50.000

A 1:50 000 walking map to Elikonas.

Elikon, a mountain that reaches 1748m, was more famous in ancient times than it is today. Dwelling of the Muses and their sacred forest, it was a source of inspiration for poets as Hesiod who mentions the Muses of Elikon at the beginning of his Theogony. Most of the trails move around its highest peak, Paliovouna, and the complex of Megali Loutsa to its NW. Between them is the picturesque Arvanitsa plateau, where a forest music festival is being held in recent years. To the east of Elikon is Mt Zagaras, with an impressive plateau strewn with dolines. Here is the Valley of the Muses and the mythical spring of Hippocrene


Publication date 2005
Map reference code 2.6
Scale 1:50.000
  • ISBN: 978-960-8195-75-2
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