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Alpine climbing in Greece - Hard cover (Book in greek)..
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Samothraki is known for its natural beauty : turquoise waters and breathtaking landscapes, and for its mythology. This guide unveils yet another facet of the island, its magnificent canyons. BOOK IN FOUR LANGUAGES : ENGLISH, GREEK, FRENCH, GERMAN..
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Road Atlas of Attika, the region around Athens, and Central Greece from Anavasi, in an A4 paperback format, with contoured mapping at 1:50,000, a 2km UTM grid for GPS users, very detailed road classification, hiking paths, and place names in both Greek and Latin alphabets. The main section of the..
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The book is divided into chapters corresponding to the old provinces, Paliki, Krania, Sami and Ithaca; It focuses more on the geography of the two islands with its many panoramic vistas and more extensive texts, both introductory and captions. However, there is a constant shift from the monumental v..
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Climbing areas in and around Athens, such as Likavitos, Tourkovounia, Filopapou, Imitos, Parnitha, Pendeli, Kakia Thalasa and other. For each climbing field orientation maps, orientation maps, sketches of the crags with grading of problems...
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Climbing in Chania (Crete)
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A useful guide for climbers visiting Chania area in Crete. Covers seven sites easy to access around the town of Chania, in the Gorge of Theriso, on mount Gigilos,in Samaria Gorge National Park and at the exit of Aradena gorge, beside the beautiful beach of Marmara. Contains directions, photo diagram..
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Manikia is a small village on the island Evia / Euboea in the central region of Greece. Manikia is located about 2 driving hours (130km) northeast of Athens and best reached by car. Several years ago a few Greek climbers discovered the area as a good climbing spot and created some climbing routes i..
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The new ADVENTURE ATLAS of Crete by Anavasi in the scale of 1:50 000 is the ultimate tool to discover the island. Plan you adventures in Crete and go hiking, canyoning, climbing, swimming on beautiful beaches, explore abandoned villages, minoan peak sanctuaries, cave-churches, byzantine and ottom..
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See the video presentation for the photobook, the Cyclades, as the seagull flies. The new coffee table aerial photo book that tells you all you ever wanted to know about the Cyclades. Geology, history, landscapes explained by 20 academics, history and archeology professors, expert geologists ..
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A field guide for those who seek to find, study and identify dolphins and whales that are regularly observed in Greek waters. AVAILABLE ONLY IN ENGLISH  ..
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BOOK IN GREEK Patmos has an outstanding network of old footpaths, which used to connect the settlements, rural areas and pasture lands with one another and with the Holy Monastery of Saint John the Theologian. The footpaths would also connect the settlements with the monasteries, hermitages and “..
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