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Ancient & Modern Athens • City Map 1:6.400 & 1:4.800

Ancient & Modern Athens • City Map 1:6.400 & 1:4.800

The evolution of Athens through time is laid out for the first time ever by the new publication Ancient Athens and Modern Athens.

What would Athens be like if Eridanos and Ilissos still flowed through the city? What were the consecutive fortifications of the city? The map of Ancient Athens shows the centre of the ancient city and on its back side there is a detailed plan of the ancient Agora and of the Acropolis monuments and slopes.

The map of Modern Athens pinpoints the buildings that shaped the city's architectural identity. It reveals the location of museums, churches, as well as of metro and tram stops, among other points of interest. On its back side you will find also the pathways crossing the National Garden and Zappeion.

Language English
Publication date 2018
  • ISBN: 978-960-9412-66-7
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