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Central Greece Road and Touring Atlas 1:50.000

Central Greece Road and Touring Atlas 1:50.000

Road Atlas of Attika, the region around Athens, and Central Greece from Anavasi, in an A4 paperback format, with contoured mapping at 1:50,000, a 2km UTM grid for GPS users, very detailed road classification, hiking paths, and place names in both Greek and Latin alphabets.

The main section of the atlas has 219 pages of detailed maps with contours at 100m intervals, altitude colouring and relief shading to provide a vivid representation of the terrain. Nearly all names: town and villages, geographical features, etc., are given in both Greek and Latin alphabets, with just minor local churches shown in Greek only. Names of most archeological sites and many other places of interest are given in Greek and in English.

Road classification has 10 different grades, from toll motorways to minor dirt roads in poor condition and 4WD tracks. Intermediate driving distances are shown on main and secondary roads. The maps also indicate locations of petrol stations (with names of oil companies) and tire repairs facilities.

Local footpaths are also marked, with the E4 trans-European long-distance trail and route 022 highlighted. A wide range of symbols mark locations of various places of interest including accommodation (hotels, campsites, summer camps, mountain refuges), archaeological sites, churches and monasteries, beaches, caves, viewpoints, etc.

The maps have a 2km UTM grid and 1’ latitude/longitude ticks. Map legend includes English. Two indexes, one for each alphabet, include separate sections listing archaeological sites and religious monuments.

The atlas also has a 16 page section showing the same area at 1:250,000 for more general route planning. Also included are two tables giving driving distance and driving times between over 60 locations.

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  • ISBN: 9789609824927
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