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Η Άγνωστη Μικρά Ασία (The Unknown Asia Minor)

Η Άγνωστη Μικρά Ασία (The Unknown Asia Minor)

A different travel guide for Western Asia Minor in antiquity, territory of 500 Greek cities. Based on twelve years of travel and updated to spring 2016 in order to cover both academic users and exigent travelers.

Covers the regions of Mysia, Troas, Aeolis, Ionia, Caria, Lycia, Kavalis, Pamphylia, Pisidia and more than 120 cities, many of which are unknown even to the initiated, with access directions, detailed descriptions of monuments, abundant illustrations, plans of archaeological sites, etc. Structure, writing and illustrations make it easy to use and easy to understand to any traveler: 592 pages, 1148 color photos (the majority of the author), designs and new maps, detailed introduction (geography and history), more than 120 cities and locations (most unknown and attraction ruins), 15 museums, crowns dynasties, complete bibliography, glossary and index. 

Soft cover, 12x22 cm. 



Publication date 2016
Pages 590
Author Yanis Pikoulas
  • ISBN: 9789609412544
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