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06. Rhodes with Symi & Chalki - McGilchrist’s Greek Islands

06. Rhodes with Symi & Chalki - McGilchrist’s Greek Islands

Rhodes with Symi and Chalki in the McGilchrist’s Greek Islands series is a guide on cultural tourism focusing on monuments, archaeology and history of art. It is for the visitor who wishes to understand more about the art, history and architecture of Rhodes, Symi and Chalki.

Nigel Mcgilchrist wrote the Genius Loci Guides after his long experience as writer of the Blue guide to the Greek islands. 

The series contains no photographs, but has specially drawn maps for each island (66 in total) and site plans for every major site (57 in total), together with thoroughly comprehensive textual information. Each guide also recommends a small number of places to stay and eat selected for their simplicity and unpretentiousness.

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Publication date 2009
Pages 344
Author Nigel McGilchrist
  • ISBN: 9781907859236
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