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50 Canyons in central Greece

50 Canyons in central Greece

A canyoning guidebook with the 50 best canyoning routes in central Greece was released. It is a complete informative guide with all the information of the interior of each gorge.

Its very beautiful graphics inform you about the amount of water, the altitude of the start and finish, the access-descent-return times, the length of the ropes you must have, the degree of difficulty and the level of physical condition, the quality of street and more.

For each route there is a graph with the access map, as well as the internal topography of the gorge. The texts are accompanied by wonderful photographs and refer to access, description, history, return, attention to various dangers, various technical notes and where you can eat and stay.

With the information provided by the guide, in addition to canyoning, you can also make mountaineering trips knowing the areas near the gorges. The book has 320 color pages and is written in three languages ​​(Greek, English, French).

Publication date 2007
Pages 319
Author Giorgios Andreou
Ex Tax: 35.00€