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Toronto The MONOCLE Travel Guide Series

Toronto The MONOCLE Travel Guide Series

Monocle reports from around the globe in print, on radio, and online. As its editors and correspondents dart from city to city they get to know the best places to rest their heads, stretch their limbs, and kick back with a contact in a hard-to-find cocktail bar. That information is now available in The Monocle's Travel Guide Series; a line-up of titles that speaks to you in an informed but informal way about everything from architecture to art, late-night bars to early-morning markets.

The Monocle's Travel Guides mix the classic with the contemporary, go beyond the conventional, and reveal all the hidden spots that cities have to offer.

 Let's explore.

Publication date 01/2017
Pages 148
Author Tyler Brule
  • ISBN: 9783899556834
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