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Crete (Kapetaniana/Kofinas) Climbing guide

Crete (Kapetaniana/Kofinas) Climbing guide

If climbing is a journey, Crete a vision, is Kapetaniana, Ithaka?

This book begins with these words, both practical and poetic. It describes a string of sites, distributed around Kapetaniana, a semi-desert overlooking the south coast of the island. Kapetaniana a small settlement nestled in the mystical shadow of Mount Kofinas, has become over the years a real climbing destination thanks to the charisma of Zbynek Cepela, climber and somewhat visionary traveler. A destination that is confirmed over time, because he and his Cretan friends continue to work in this rocky landscape with almost metaphysical transparency.
Change of slope, the Libyan sea offers itself to the gaze, dark, deep, infinite, bathing the feet of the Asteroussia Mountains. It is an immense, semi-desert landscape carved out by earthquakes, the folds of which emerge a multitude of rocky bars and cliffs of all sizes. The village of Kapetaniana, wedged on the less steep and greenest slopes of the majestic Mount Kofinas, seems on borrowed time, or recovering, or even miraculously survived from the last earthquake or the last invasion to date.

Behind the horizon, it is already Africa. Welcome to the ultimate village in Europe.
Welcome to Kapetaniana!

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