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Kosmos Skiathos

Kosmos Skiathos

A trilingual edition, in English, Greek and German.

This photobook on Skiathos takes you on a tour around the island, and finishes with a love letter to Skiathos.

The Greek island of Skiathos “possesses a soul, like it was made by an artist” – an isle of „mild and incomprehensible beauty”. The pictures in this illustrated book are a love confession to this Mediterranean, peaceful and harmonious island in the Aegean Sea. They are an artistic feast to the watching eye and offer a meditative look into a fascinating world: Cosmos Skiathos.

Hardcover, 120 photographs, full colour.

Publication date 2016
Pages 128
Author Dr. Dieter Seidel
  • ISBN: 9783990210130
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Tags: Sporades