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Mani, as the seagull flies

Mani, as the seagull flies

The second edition of the Aerial photo album of Mani, in the series as the seagull flies, published by ANAVASI is not a simple reissue, but a fresh new book. The new book has more pages and many new photographs, especially of Messenian Mani. The new edition is enriched with texts explaining the particularities of Mani landscape and other texts that reveal its mythical dimension.

The aerial photo album of Mani will take you on an imaginary tour to one of the most special places in Greece.

(greek/english texts)

132 pages, 28,5Χ22 cm. hard cover

Year 2014
Author P. Matsouka
Texts Y. Saitas, C. Goudis, G. Dimakoyannis
  • ISBN: 978-960-9412-03-2
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