At the end of September, 10 years ago, we arrived at the mountain refuge of Mt Vardoussia from an unusual route. We had flown over Parnassos and Giona and 2 minutes after seeing the spectacular cliffs above Sykia, we had arrived.

Kostas had come up to the shelter especially for us (along with the required meat chops) and we had a great evening by the fireplace.

But the best was yet to com. The next day we were flying over the Vardoussia peaks that granted us some amazing views ... even for someone who had climbed, walked and mapped them.

What a thrill to see the Plateau of  Megas Kambos hovering over the underlying steep slopes, to discover between Pyramida,  Kato and  Pano Psilo peaks, the hidden valley that feeds the "Anemistos" waterfall... Wait until January to see the winter photos.