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Evritania • Road map 1:100 000

Evritania • Road map 1:100 000
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Evritania • Road map 1:100 000

Detailed road map on a scale of 1: 100000 for the area of Evritania.

Evritania is completely covered by mountains, Timfrystos and Panaitolikos among others. In the eastmost side of Evritania flows the river Megdoas and in the westernmost flows the river Acheloos, in to Ionian Sea. The map extends beyond Evritania, covering the mountains of Valtos and Makrynoros to the west, and part of Othris and the mountains of Sperchiada to the east.

Find here travel ideas in Evritania.


Publication date 2007
Map reference code 05
Scale 1:100 000
  • ISBN: 978-960-8195-653
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