Flambouri ridge

Flambouri ridge is the most beautiful mountain route in central Parnitha. It starts in the most unexpected way: pushing the wire door of a plot. Hard uphill, "technical" passages and a welcoming refuge at the end: what more could one ask for on a day trip.

Route description

In Thrakomakedones, on Florinis Street, next to a three-storey villa, there is an unbuilt plot, but in the barbed wire there is a door that gives directly to the mountain. An entrance definitely different from all the others on this street. At low altitudes, vegetation from young firs and shrubs rages and the path is lost in some places. After a while, however, rocks dominate the landscape. The route is divided in two, one with blue markings and one with red ones. The blue path moves near the edge of the ridge and has some exposed passages. After climbing the edge we reach the plateau before the Flambouri shelter. And soon the steep cliffs will be followed by meadows and a sparse fir forest. Our trail leads to the hospitable Flambouri refuge and you can enjoy the sunset from here.